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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Are You a Fossil Fool

Fossil Fools Day in an environmental demonstration day that occurs on April 1st each year. The name of the special day takes on both the roles of fossil fuels and April Fool's Day. The first time Fossil Fools Day was celebrated in 2004. The day came together by coordinating teams from the United States and Canada. The event was used as an event to encourage support for climate justice, strong legislation, corporate responsibility and a clean renewable energy future. 

We live in a world dealing with impacts of a changed climate. From the hurricanes to flooding as well as other weather issues the world is dealing with a variety of issues. Communities are being impacted by climate changes as well as techniques such as fracking. Canada is reaching its limit on fossil fue. It is the corporations that are setting us on track for more extreme weather, drought, desertification, wildfires and worse. It is also these corporations that help us claim April 1st as Fossil Fools day. If the companies keep on tract that they are currently on the fossil fuels may become extinct as well.  

How it affects my life: 
Every time that I (we) complain about the cost of gas the gas companies strive to find it cheaper and more of it. When I was a kid we walked  and rode our bikes so much more than I see my community doing now.  Since a kid I have heard that we would use up our fossil fuels and to protect them but I do not hear this as much now days and I do not see us striving to keep our energy cost to a minimum as we once did. I do realize that when I was a kid there were many events going on in the world that affected the price of gas and energy and our parents faced a much higher cost but should we not still strive to conserve. I for one take the fossil fool challenge and will find ways to change the way I use energy. 

What are some ways you try conserve energy?? 

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