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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Beauty of Hydrangea's

Hydrangea are beautiful perennial bushes. The bush produces huge flower heads in mid-summer. Native to North and South America, Himalayas and Central and Eastern Asia produce beautiful flowers of various colors. Colors include white, pink, blue , lilac, purple, and shades of these colors. The flower heads have two types of florets Sterile florets are male and form the large, colorful sepals on the outside of the flower head. The fertile florets are usually found in the center of the cluster.

Spring through fall even when the plant is not in bloom the hydrangea bush has attractive foliage The bush will shed their leaves in the fall. The bush can grow from 3 to 10 feet tall and there are some that will grow up to 25 feet tall. Most varieties of this bush prefer full sun to partial shade. The leafless bush become s a less than attractive clump of stalks and stems into the following spring.

Hydrangea bushes are easy to grow. They prefer full sun to partial shade. If you live in a warm climate then you may want to plant them in a more shaded area. The plant prefers moist, rich soil the drains well. You should see blooms that begin in mid summer. Removing spent blooms is advised to promote more blooms. Thinning some of the stems will help the plant to grow bigger.



  1. VERY pretty flowers - I wish I could have them in my home :(

    1. yes I love them as well they are quite common here
      thanks for your visit


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