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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Women In History ++++ Julia Child

Julia Carolyn Child was born August 15th 1912. She was an outstanding woman, American chef, author and television personality. The cuisine that she was most famous for was French. It was French cooking and the cookbooks that she wrote that made her world renowned. 

Julia Child's father was a graduate from Princeton University and well known land manager. Julia's mother was a heiress of a paper - company as well as the daughter of the former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts Byron Weston. Julia would spend a few years at a boarding school where she played tennis, golf, and basketball. Julia was a tall six feet two inches tall lady who continued to play sports in college. 

Julia grew up in a family who was served by a cook. She never observed or was inspired by the family chef. Julia's grandmother lived in Illinois and would make doughnuts for her. But yet it was not her grandmother that taught her to cook either. It was in fact not until she met her husband that food became an interest to her. 

Julia Child desired to join the military but because of her height she was too tall to enlist. She did join the Office of Straight Services as a typist at the Washington headquarters. She was soon given a more responsible job of top researcher working for the head of OSS. She would also work as a file clerk and helped to develop shark repellent . The job would be the path to meeting her husband as well and the two would wed on September 1, 1946. 

Julia Child would find fame in the 1970's and 1980's. She would star on numerous television programs including Julia Child and Company, Julia Child & More Company and Dinner at Julia's She would win a book award for her book in 1979. She would author a book and create an instructional video series entitled The Way to Cook in 1989. 

In the 1990s Julia would star in a series of shows featuring guest chefs. Jacques Pepin and Julia Child worked together on a show many times as well as cookbooks. Food critics have long questions the use of butter and cream in Julia Child's cooking. She would insist that too much on nutrition would take pleasure from enjoying food. 

Julia Child would leave a legacy for the future to come. In 1995 she would establish The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. This private charitable foundation would make grants to further her life's work. 

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