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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday is a guilt free day of excess. It occurs before the Lenten season and begins today on February 28th. There will be lots of fun for everyone. Colors of green, gold and purple will be the fair of the day as these are the color of the day. Purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power. Tonight at supper use green napkins and a purple tablecloth, drinks of gold and purple will go great with supper as well. The best breakfast or supper of the day would be the food of the day that of pancakes of course.

It would be so fun to dress up like kings and queens and have a bit of a Mardi Gras feast of your own. Crowns, glass slippers, pirate hats and puffy shirts would all fit into the supper theme nicely. Colorful beads that you can find at the local dollar store will make the night even more fun. Along with the beads mask will go great with the party. You can create your own mask by cutting a paper plate in half and attaching a paper dowel, cut eye holes, use lots of glitter, glue and feathers and wah la you have one of the stylish masks of all.

Go a bit farther and help you child create a parade. Line up a train of chairs, decorate them with ribbon, stream, construction paper rings what ever you have that is colorful, decorative and fun. Remember the important 3 colors while doing so green, gold and purple. The dolls and stuffed animals will love being in the parade simply place them atop the chair floats

Make up a Mardi Gras treat. Do a quick search here and you should be able to find a delicious dish to fix up just for the day. Whatever you do just remember the day is to be met with love, laughter and fun.

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