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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Keep Music in our Schools

For many years now schools have been cutting music from their budget. The truth is that this is a grave mistake. Music not only needs to be taught for the quality of music but it helps teach so many other lessons as well. Subjects such as language development, history, and math. Music has also been show to lead to higher test scores and raise IQ's.

Language is aided through music education because children can advance their own language skills in sounds. The repetition of songs offers practice that will lead to the natural ability to speech. Studies have also indicated that musical training can help physically develop the left side of the brain. This side of the brain is known to be involved with processing language. The connection between music and language is also a social advantage to young children.

The lessons learned while teaching folk songs and songs throughout historical times to school children. It may light a fire to where other students want to learn more leading to the desire to learn history. Songs not only are great to teach history but also folk stories and the life styles of the past. TO me music was all this and so much more. 

Look at the math concepts in music. In both band and choir knowing how to count and keep a beat are very important. The memorization skills needed to play an instrument are also very important. 

Please support music in schools as I think there will be much lost if it disappeared. 


  1. Being a former "band nerd", I also agree about the importance of music in school!

  2. I completely agree! My brother is a music teacher and he can attest firs hand to the benefits of ensuring music is in the lives of his students.

  3. I totally agree with you. Music is so important for many reasons. I love when my son comes home singing a new song they learned in school that day.

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

  4. I am a music lover and I absolutely agree about the importance of music. It is one of the ways my kids and I bond.

    Belle |

  5. I did not know that they were cutting back on music in schools. I think it is so important! I still sing many of the songs that I learned as a child. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. many schools in our areas have music only part of the year, art another part and any other elective a part as well. It is sad as when I was a child we learned so much in music class
      thanks for your visit


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