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Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was born March 3rd 1847. He would prove to be an amazing scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator. His work led him to patenting the first practical telephone.
His father, grandfather and brother all were associated with work on elocution and speech. His mother and wife were both deaf.

Alexander Bell was born to Alexander Melville and Eliza Symonds Bell in Edinburgh Scotland. He was the middle child sandwiched between 2 brothers. So if his name was Alexander Bell where did the Graham come from. No it was not his middle name rather it came from a friend that he admired. He adopted the name Graham and became Alexander Graham Bell.

In 1862 when Alexander was 15 he would travel to London to visit with his grandfather. In 1863 after staying with his grandfather for a year he would travel back to Elgin Scotland where he would teach music and elocution at Weston House Academy. Bell would be involved in education for many years either teaching or taking classes.

Alexander Graham Bell's big invention would be that of the telephone. He would find this invention while building an automation head that would simulate human voice. His interest in the transmission of sound stemmed from his concern regarding his mother's gradual deafness. His teaching would continue along side his experiments as well.

For all those looking for hidden treasure they can thank Alexander Graham Bell as well. In 1881 Bell invented the metal detector. In all Bell was awarded 14 patents as follows:

14 patents pertain to Telephone and Telegraph
4 patents pertain to Photophone
1 patent pertains to Phonograph
2 patents pertain to Selenium Cells
4 patents pertain to Hydro Airplanes
5 patents pertain to Aerial Vehicles

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