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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Johnny did good

The passing of another iconic Musician happened this weekend. The life of Chuck Berry ended.  wanted to share one of my favorite songs to celebrate the life he led.

Chuck Berry was born deep down in Louisiana, close to New Orleans. He never learned to read or write very well but he could play the guitar with ease. Considered the godfather of Rock 'N Roll Chuck was born during the early 1900s depression. He practiced the guitar down by the railroad tracks and his mother was maybe one of hs biggest fans always telling him one day you will be the leader of a band. 

Chuck desired a new sound to the music he played. Jazz, Blues and Pop were old music to him and country never even reached his mind because of his color. He wanted to make music that would have young people dancing and having fun. 

Chuck Berry was a St. Louis native who brought rock n roll to life. He created a singular guitar technique that would bring country,, blues and R&B together. His dashing charisma, magnetic stage moves and expressive voice was pleasing to both teenagers and anyone young at heart. Chuck Berry helped create music history and will continue to carry a status of one of rock & roll's first great hitmakers. For all of this and more in 1986 Chuck Berry became part of Rock & Roll hall of Fame. 

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