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Sunday, March 19, 2017


There is a new trend that is taking over the work place and even some at home bloggers take part in this as well. The new trend includes both ladies and men and is known as deskfast. Deskfast is two words put together and I am sure you can guess which two. Yes that is right, desk and breakfast. Deskfast is the first meal of your day eaten at your desk or at the work desk. 

Oh my I can imagine what you are thinking. This can not be a good breakfast for taste or nutrition. You may be surprised that these breakfasts often have less sugary cereals jam packed with preservatives and sodium. Instead they were partaking in healthy sandwiches, breakfast muffins, or porridge. The most important thing is that they are eating breakfast. 

The fad for eating breakfast at your desk in front of your computer came into existence around the same time as the European economy went into recession in 2008. It seemed that many individuals feared for their jobs found they needed to spend more time at work to keep them. Longer hours were occurring, earlier hours in the morning and later hours in the night were happening. Thus the need for a better breakfast solution to avoid getting up extra early just to have a bit to eat in the morning. This is when the deskfast came to be. 

All you need in your office is a microwave and you can have a great deskfast. Bring a couple of eggs to work, whisk in a small microwave proof bowl or container, and season with salt, pepper, pinch of cumin, few chili flakes or whatever takes your fancy. Whisk all together, microwave in 10 seconds blasts, scrambling with a fork each time til done. Round of toast, dollop of plain yoghurt or half a smashed avocado with lemon. Fix it up however you please. 

One of the easiest breakfast to have on the go is fruit. It has been prepackaged by nature. Whatever you enjoy for breakfast, where ever it is at your desk, in your car or sitting at your kitchen table it matters not do something smart to start your day have some breakfast 

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