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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ag Day 2017

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) hosted National Agriculture day today March 21st 2017. This year was the 44th anniversary of National Ag Day. Classrooms and communities across the country celebrate Ag Day. This years theme for Ag Day was "Agriculture: Food for Life"

National Ag Day is organized by Agriculture Council of America The ACA is a nonprofit organization composed of leaders n the agricultural, food and fiber community. They are dedicated to the efforts of increasing the public's awareness of agriculture's role in modern society. 

National Ag Day programs encourages every Americans to try to understand how food and fiber products are produced. This is not something that everyone understands but is easy to do for others. I personally grew up with grand-parents that were farmers and my own family had a large garden. I witnessed crops being raised, animals growing to be food, Sheep being grown for their fleece and so many other things. related to ag that I took on as every day others never saw or know about at all.

Without agriculture and all that is done by farmers and others that work our land we would not have all that we have now. The ACA wants everyone to recognize that the world of Agriculture brings with it value. A strong economy has many fronts and the world of Agriculture is part of that. 

There are many faces involved in the world of Agriculture. Not all of them will work to grow crops. There are some that will be involved in the animal world both raising them and caring for them like vets do. There are many more job opportunities as well some related to food and others to the fiber side of it all. 

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