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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Saying "I DO" Forever

There are those that have lived that would think 30 years of marriage is nothing, something that is to happen. In todays world however, it is a rare thing to stay with the one you say "I D0" for the rest of your life. The high divorce rates makes many rethink the idea of marriage. In fact I have several friends that live together rather than being wed. 

For those of us who are lucky enough to meet the love of our lives and to stay together forever I believe it is more than luck it is love. Through 30 years we have seen each other in good times and bad times. Marriage is not always easy it takes work . Listen to each other makes it easier. Marriage is very stressful but it is also full of job and it is wonderful to wake up to the one you love daily. Of course at times it can be overwhelming it is at those times that you have to hunker down and remember a few rules of marriage:

Life can become boring keep your marriage from becoming stale by changing things up a bit. Enjoy romance a peck on the cheek or holding hands in the park. Growing together is what a marriage is all about. Watching each other grow is wonderful 

Resentment is an evil that must be ruled out. Every couple even healthy couples will have conflicts. The trick is not letting that conflict get out of hand. Never go to bed upset and learn how to make amends at the end of the day no matter the temperament of the day, tomorrow is another day. 
Me and my husband have enjoyed many different things through the years. Our younger years we played video games together, then we fell in love with movies and raising our children, now at middle age we enjoy traveling. The trick is to do things together but to never get bored of doing those things. Making every day life fun is the secret simply smile, have fun and awesome conversation. 

We have had many friends but nearly 25+ years after high school and hanging out we find our selves each other best friend. Something happens when you are in a union of marriage where you know each others thoughts, likes and wants. Any time we have a story to share we want to tell each other first. I need someone to talk to I call him, he needs someone well you know we are each others pal. 
Marriage is not something we are going to try but something that is going to last. Just the other night we were having a conversation of how we always put God in charge and trusted that everything was going to be o.k.
**Note: Of course like with anything else, there are exceptions and if you are in an un-healthy relationship, please seek professional help.

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