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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy Birthday To My Daughter

On this day, February 8, twenty - six years ago I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I thought that she would be my last baby so I intentionally spelled her name a bit different, Krystina Nickolle. I only wanted to have a special name little did I think of how hard this name would be for her to spell some day. But like learning to spell her name my little gal showed the world just who she is.

She would walk around 10 months old and the world would never sit still again. She had a puppy that loved her and we called it the hoochey coochey puppy dog and that dog loved Krys as well. By the age of 15 months she had grown tired of diapers and once again would change and grow even more. She was talking super early as well but what age I am not sure as it seemed there was never a time she did not talk.

Her first year of school she would show the world just who she was. The  trouble with spelling her name would start but she figured out that her name was wrote in her coat and would simply get her coat and copy her name. It was also the year that the bullies stopped picking on her brother when she was around. After school one day she decided she had enough and jumped into a fight between her brother and another little boy (a bully) she settled it and got into a fight with that boy who never bothered either of them again. I was not one for fighting but her older sister and brother protected her that day and did not want me to punish her. It went on like this only to find out many years later that she was the "playground queen" and no one played there if she did not want you to. I was never told this when they were growing up

She ended up marrying one of the boys that she would pick on and not let play on the playground when she was there. He loves her very much but he also knows what kind of brat she is lol

Just a few years ago she decided that after not taking drivers ed in school that she did want to drive. She took it upon her self to get someone to teach her and learned how to drive. She also went to college to follow me her mom on the nursing floor. Yes she does work as a nurse only she works that middle of the night shift. Yuck!!!!

So all I have left to say to you my dear is me and dad are very proud of you.

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