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Saturday, February 11, 2017

National Bird feeding Month

February is the great month of love. The love for each other and for all things. Love is in the air but cupid is not the only winged object that people need to watch our for this month. February was named National Bird Feeding Month in 1994 by congress.

Over 46 million North Americans participate in backyard feeding month. Feeding our feathered friends is only part of what we can do for them. Birds need both food to eat and clean water as well. Bird feeders should be cleaned at least once a month even in the winter. There are professional cleaners you can purchase or use one part vinegar to nine parts water to clean bird feeders. Making sure the feeders are clean will help stop transmission of disease between birds that are under stress.

Bird baths should also be maintained year rounds. Birds need water for drinking, bathing, and preening. Having a dependable source of water is a simple and important way to increase the variety of birds in your yard. Bird baths also help them maintain healthy feathers that will help them in flight.

The winter months are hard for birds but by spring the prime food sources are depleted making it hard for birds to find food. Bird feeders provide an easy source for birds to get food. This easy craft will allow everyone to get in on the act of feeding the birds

you will need:

cheerios and pipe cleaners to make this bird feeder.

Loop over one end of the pipe cleaner so that you can lace on the cheerios without them falling off. When the pipe cleaner is full loop over the other end and hang from a tree outside.

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