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Friday, January 6, 2017

What Will Grow In The Garden

So the holidays are over and instead of waiting for the warm weather to return why not start planning. Start planning what you may ask?? Well how about gardening you know fruits and vegetables. Growing your own fruit and veggies to cook and eat are great and if you like flowers why not plan a flower garden. 

Growing a garden can help you save money, help you live better and possibly a bit of extra pocket money as well. Have some extra space?? Why not plan a community garden to meet your neighbors. 

Gardening can help you save money by helping you cut the grocery budget. Keeping a gardening journal can help you keep tract of your savings. The journal will also help remind you what you need to buy or not buy the following year. Gardening can help you live a sustainable life. Gardening is beneficial and friendly to the environment as well. 

Earn a bit of extra income from your garden by growing enough for your family and a bit more. You can sell at the farmers market or even by helping others with their garden. Bringing together neighbors is sometimes hard to do but it may be done through a community garden. A garden requires work and working together can also spark conversation. 

Gardening requires work but also can be a source of relaxation. Tending to the garden can bring about a unique appreciation of nature. The tranquility of gardening can bring you closer to your neighbor, your family, mother nature and yes even God.

So what will you grow in your garden.



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