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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ten Ways to help our winged Friends

1. Prevent Bird Collisions -
It may sound funny but bird collisions are the most frequent cause of bird deaths. Do you share to prevent such collisions by putting up window decals or window feeders to alert birds to glass.

2. Protect birds from pets
Another danger to birds are unleashed dogs and cats. My own animals have been known to get their selves into trouble by hurting wild life whether it be a rabbit, squirrel or bird.

3. Make sure your bird feeders are clean
Dirty feeders can spread disease Be sure to clean out old seed from feeders frequently and make sure fresh water is in the bird bath as well

4. Wild Birds are not to be captured
God made wild birds to be right where they are. Selling wild caught birds as pets is illegal

5. Use cloth grocery bags and reusable bottles
Plastic trash bags present danger to birds you may mistakenly eat them. This may cause them to become ill or even die.

6. Restore natural habitat for the birds
Birds need places to live and the problem is that many natural habitats are disappearing. You can easily create a refuge in your yard for the wild birds. Check with your local nursery to see what is best to do this

7. Watch from afar
Stay back and watch the birds from a distance. Birds need space for feeding, nesting and other daily activities

8. Get outdoors and enjoy nature
get out and enjoy the birds and where they live in nature.

9. Avoid Chemicals
Pesticides and herbicides can poison birds. Birds may die or get sick or harm their future embryos causing deformation

20. Learn the Hunting Laws - Federal and local laws protect sensitive areas and manage the harvest of birds to ensure healthy populations.

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