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Monday, January 2, 2017

Get Healthy By Walking

When there is no exercise equipment available, you can not get out and ride a bike for one reason or another there is always walking. Yes walking a great way to exercise whether outside or inside it is the best way that I have to get my exercise. Do you do much walking?? 

Whether you are a fast paced walker or take a more relaxing stroll the result is the same. Burning calories is the goal and walking is the game. Health benefits are the result now matter how fast or slow you walk. Some reasons you may consider walking more include:

For those that may be afraid or all ready have a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes then walking may be just for them. Walking 150 minutes per week , that is only a bit over 20 minutes per day, can result in losing up to 12 to 15 lbs. The weight loss can help reduce the risk of diabetes by 58% Walking is what many Diabetes prevention programs recommend.

Walking helps to strengthen your heart and brain as well. Studies have shown that women who walk an easy pace of 1.5 hours a week will have better cognitive functioning. Looking for a stress reducer?? Then look no further than walking. 

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