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Friday, December 9, 2016

Save a bit of $$ During the Holidays


Don't allow those holiday crowds to destroy your holiday spirit. Stay awy from malls, store sales, and rush by shopping at home online. Just beware of shipping and insurance as they can make your trip unsuccesful by having to pay more. 

Holiday Dinner:

Hosting a holiday dinner? Don't do it all by yourself. Make it a potluck party and you want everyone to bring two dishes. One their favorite and  the second dish to be assigned by you. Ask for help if needed. 


I love to bake any tim but during the holidays we bake more than most. If needed to save on finances or time we can simply skip the baking. If the problem is time and energy bake at a later time so that you can enjoy it more. Host a cookie swap with family and friends so that you can end up with a variety of cookies

Wrapping Gifts:

Save time and money and keep your sanity by skipping the wrapping. Instead use gift bags in assorted sizes and styles. Another great idea is to howst a wrapping party. It will be loved by all and I think my

Party Invites:
We are all so busy during the holidays with this event and that event not to mention the parties that we have been invited to. It is o.k. to say no and only attend those that you feel closest to. 

Have other ideas to save sanity during the holidays? Please share them

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