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Friday, July 29, 2016

Angel Trumpets

Angel's Trumpet flowers are very attractive and fragrant. They are often considered a tree but in fact it is a flowering shrub. The shrub is found in Native to South America and can grow up to 20 feet tall. 

The blooms of the popular flowering plant come in attractive variety of colors including white, peach, yellow and orange. Hummingbirds are often attracted to the bright blooms. The  plant is a member of the nightshade family and is highly toxic so be sure to wear gloves when working with any part of the plant.

Through history angel's trumpet has been used as a hallucinogenic drug. The drug is a hallucinogenic and has caused many deaths. Young people have been known to use the plant in a form of tea and ingest it. This often leads to death. Children and pets are at risk as well around this plant so be aware before growing.

Angel Trumpet plants are easy to grow and prefer full sun. Partial shade will be tolerated and weather of damp weather with warm days and cool nights are best for growing. These plants desire a lot of water and nutrients where the soil stays moist. Angel trumpet flowers are normally grown in pots. These will need to water it daily during hot, dry weather. 

 Prune the plant often to reach maximizing blooms. Begin to prune the plant when the main trunk forms the first "Y" Prune older branches or stems to encourage the plant to produce more. 


  1. I think I remember my aunt having one in her backyard. It was a white one. So beautiful!

  2. thanks for visiting and sharing your memory with me


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