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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Raggedy Ann (my favorite doll)

As you should be able to tell I am a large raggedy ann fan. I have always been and I don't see that changing anytime soon. While my collection has been slimmed down over time I am still the largest Raggedy Ann collector that I personally know. Many of these dolls and items many years older than I am.

Raggedy Ann is not a doll like barbie that is concerned with her image and adventures that only Barbie could dream about. Raggedy Ann and Andy was the heroine of 25 children's books. The author of these great books Johny Gruelle. Gruelle was a newspaper cartoonist around the early 1900s. Raggedy Ann was inspired by Gruelle's daughter.
The first Raggedy Ann doll was based on the library character that Gruelle created. The doll was created and changed the lives of little girls everywhere. 


  1. I've never liked much this dolls.. somehow they have always scared me!

  2. I love dolls! All types especially ragged dolls ... <3


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