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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

International Mud Day

As a young experienced mom I remember my children often sneaking and making mud pies. Perhaps it was that I let them more than it was sneacking. There were 5 children with 3 under the age of 3 I had my hands full. The older two and at times the oldest of the youngest would head outside to play and end up in the water. It was summer time, it was hot and they loved the feel of the mud. Many must love the feel of the mud as today is International Mud Day. So it's time for us all to have a bit of fun getting dirty and playing in the mud.

It is easy enough to celebrate the day. Simply find some water and dirt and when you mix them together you will get the honoree of the day a bit of fun old mud. I can remember when I was younger my sister was 4 years older than me and always tried to get away with somehow being mean. Her friends and her one day decided that I would be able to join the gang if I would drink a glass of muddy water. The trick did not work and that day I decided they were not as cool as I thought they were

Making muddy water is not the only fun thing about mud You could

  • play or wrestle in the mud pit
  •  take a mud bath
  •  make mud pies 
  • create art out of mud

International Mud Day originated in Nepal. It was a day that a group of orphans could get outside and forget their troubles for the day. They were to enjoy nature and the outdoors. The mud and fun in it actually improved their moods and attitudes. This yearly event is sponsored by the World Forum Foundation.

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