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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Body Piercing Day

Body modification and body piercings around the world have been used for many purposes. Self expression being the top here in the U.S. Other reasons would include a rite of passage, shock value, religious observances. Where body piercing actually started is unknown but it has become a popular form of expressing thoughts. Practiced by both men and women since before records were kept body piercing is part of history. Body Piercing day is an opportunity for you to find a new way to express yourself with this age old practice

For at least the past couple of hundred years ear piercing has been well known in western cultures. Ears and nose being pierced have been discovered in graves of many cultures tracking back to 5,000 years. Body piercing was often a way to send wealth with those that have passed as well as honoring them at their burial site.

African and American tribal cultures have long been known to have both the lip and tongue pierced. Nipple piercings can be tracked back to ancient Romans. Ancient India may have debuted the genital piercing.

A man by the name of Jim Ward created Body Piercing Day. He has been known as the "grandaddy of the body piercing movement" He is a influential part of the new body modification movement with focus on body piercing.

Ever thought of getting a piercing?? Well today Body Piercing day is a great opportunity to take the plunge and jump into the world of those with body piercings. From ear piercings, nose piercings, lip, tongue and cheek piercings. Great way to show off who you are or want to be. Of course there are other piercings that are not always shown but have personality as well.


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