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Thursday, June 30, 2016

National Handshake Day

One of the oldest greetings the handshake is honored on the last thursday of June each year. It is not quite sure where the handshage originates. The non verbal mode of communication may exist even before written records were kept. Stories of medieval knights from Rome as well as other weapon carrying men to check for hidden daggers by grasping each other's forearms in greeting. 
Records in Egypt suggests the handshake hosted the power of giving. Kings would grasp the hand of the statue of the god Marduk before taking the throne. This was a Babylonian custom and was repeated yearly during the festival of Zagmuk. 

Modern day handshakes carry different customs with them as well. Around the world handshakes have different customs held within. Women were often omited in handshakes. The U.S. , Russia, Australia, Brazil and the U.K. handshakes tend to be firm. China, Japan and South Korea handshakes are with a lighter grip and no direct eye contact. The handshake in Philippines is light with direct eye contact. 

Secret handshakes exist as well. Greeting between members of groups, clubs and societies may all be different with only members knowing the secret handshake. 
Today take a moment and shake hands with those you meet along your p

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