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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

National Hug Holiday

One simple action a hug can speak louder than words. It can change a person's day, emotions and life. The simple act is a hug. Today you may want to give someone an extra special hug to someone having a bad day. National Hugs Holiday was created to do just that . To the person in need of help, sick, sad or elderly a hug may mean everything.

Hugs for Health Foundation created the National Hug Holiday Day. The day was created to offer special care hugs to the elderly. It has turned into a day that anyone that needs a hug can get one.

The Huggers Creed is:\
“We believe HUGS nurture the human spirit, promote a more positive outlook and enhance the quality of one’s life”
Do you ever just need a hug?? Someone to acknowledge that you are having a moment?? The best way this can be done is by offering someone a hug. There are those individuals that have a bubble of sorts up and do not like their personal space invaded. You may want to ask permission before giving someone a hug. 

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  1. had no idea there was a hug day! how nice!

    1. seems like there is a day for every thing. I love that this day was created to make the older generation feel loved.

  2. Hey , right on time I have found that post :) It is the 29th of june . I never heard about that before , will share with my FB friends some hugs ! :)

  3. This is awesome! **Internet Hugs**

  4. Love this idea! Happy National Hug Day! :)

  5. I definitely agree with asking permission first. However, this is an awesome way to share some kindness with someone who may truly need it.

  6. I don't even remember the last time I hugged anybody or was even hugged...

  7. So cute!!!!! There is nothing like s warm hug!!!! Love the support for our often forgotten older generation

  8. I love this! I love (((hugs))) myself! To anyone who needs one (((hugs)))!

  9. What a great holiday! This also happens to be the day we adopted our son--perfect timing!

  10. Aww, this has to be the sweetest day ever! Hugs are always so comforting especially if it's from your mom or your kids! Love this holiday!

  11. This is the first time that I heard hug day, it was so sweet

  12. I am not aware of this. Sounds a great day for everyone, I will hug everyone in the family!


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