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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Turn Your Partner Round and Round

September is International Square Dance Month. My grandparents square danced and lived a right long life. My classmates and I square danced in jr high in physical education and had a great time as well. Now I want to share with you 5 great reasons to square dance as well

1. Have fun, yes as I said square dancing is fun. It is something that you can get involved in and everyone can dance together or you can dance with your partner.

2. Its great exercise. My form of exercise is walking. I do not job but I can walk fast. If you can walk fast then you can square dance as square dancing is actually just a quick step dance. Get your exercise while you dance sounds great to me.

3. If you are trying to burn calories then square dancing is for you. An average of 200 to 400 calories are burnt every 30 minutes.

4. Build your confidence, meets new friends and have lots of fun. This all leads to forgetting your trouble that helps cute down stress as well. Yes square dancing can do all that because it is a social active event where it involves more than one couple

5. Good memory and helps use your brain as well. The steps are called out and in order to keep up with the dance you must follow along. getting out of line can result in you miss stepping as well as the other dancers in your group.

Now get out there square dance and have some fun.

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