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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fairytale Brownies Sugar Free

Fairytale brownies, a taste of pure enchantment. I believe they live up to their name. While I have enjoyed snacking on fairytale brownies before, I was delighted to see that they had a sugar free variety as well. Oh my goodness, I could stay on my diet and enjoy the delicious brownies as well. That to me is very enchanting.

The company Fairytale Brownies began with a sweet friendship way back in kindergarten and a promise in high school. In the fall of 1992 the duo were baking late at night in a friend's catering kitchen. They were armed with lots of helpers and a secret family recipe. That is when their dream came true.
The same ingredients used in the kitchen that day are the same ones that are used in the brownies today. Start with dark callebaut Belgian chocolate, premium creamery butter, farm fresh eggs, fluffy cake flour and don't forget the secret ingredient a dash of magic. In the Fairytale Brownie kitchen they cook up cookies and buttery bars as well with both made with premium ingredients. There are never any preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

Whether you will eat them alone, share with a friend or give as a gift you can rest assured that Fairytale brownies will be delightful. Count on freshness, unsurpassed taste and an unconditional guarantee. The fairytale brownies experience to be taste of pure enchantment.
Our Review:

We were able to review the simply delicious fairytale brownies. They came in a pack of 12 and were magically delicious. I found these delicious enough to share with friends and most likely will be on our Christmas List to give as gifts as well. The same chocolate goodness that is regular brownies was found in the sugar free The nutritional value lets you enjoy an entire sugar free version for 200 calories and less than 30 carbs. We were delighted with them as I am sure you will be as well.
If you are looking for a bit of fall and Halloween in a snack version check out the Fairytale brownie varieties in cute Halloween d├ęcor.
Fairytale brownies. Perfect to snack on, give as gifts, or to share with your guest. Everyone I know loves them you should give them a try.
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