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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Protect Yourself On Campus

I have many a friend that worries like I do about our children when they are not under our roofs. I have had a few friends to send their children off to college this year and I know that they talked to them about being smart and safe. Here are a few ideas if you need to talk to your child to help ensure they are safe

1. Don't let yourself drift away listening to music, working on laptop, or using your phone. I can not tell you how often our children zone out when working on one of these items. The thing to do is to not get to comfortable and forget where you are

2. Never walk alone at night. The college I went to has woods that surround it. While it is pretty and looks great it is also very dangerous when alone. This leads me to #2 which is always have a buddy with you when walking on campus

3. There is a reason for locks. I know there are those long hours of study, teens often need more sleep or want it, and when relaxing you may just drift away. Thus the reason for locks when relaxing be sure to use locks on your door to ensure your safety

4. Carry cash with you. Many college towns have taxis which may not take a debit or credit card but will take cash. When mom is not there students must think straight and ensure that they get home safety this may mean an unexpected ride in a cab.

5. It is a good idea to have your student ask about safety emergency system while visiting the college. Knowing this will be good information if needed in the future

6. While there may be maps scattered around the campus it is best to have a well traveled route that you will be taking to the dorms and classes. If something were to happen they would know where to look for you

7. never stay at a party after your group of friends leave. First of all this can only lead to trouble as you have been enticed to stay for a reason none of your friends see. Second having no one there in your group is not a good idea in case trouble does arise.

8. Always have emergency numbers and in my children's case moms number programmed in so that if you need help they are there. My children have my number on speed dial and we have had to use this before when they could not call the police I have and have gotten them there before there was a real problem.

9. Carry items that will help. There are bottle of mace that can go on your keys as well as a whistle that will slide easily on to your keychain. Both items can be very helpful if serious problems arise

10. Have fun but be smart. Parents raise their children all their lives to have the knowledge to take care of their selves. Use this knowledge and know that they are loved.

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