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Monday, August 31, 2015

Parent Open House Night

September has arrived and most of us have went back to school. Soon we will be attending fall open house night. We are ready but are we really? Do we know what to expect or how to behave? The questions in our minds are random so here is a few tips that may help you on your back to school night.
When you arrive at the school you will most likely be greeted by a school supervisor. Whether it be the principal or head of admissions the person will most likely want to make you comfortable at the school and direct you to the location you want to go. He or she will be polite and mannerly assigned to the job of smiling and answering any questions that you may have. A school visit or open house is a time to let the parent see all that is available at the school. 
There are a few rules that you should try to go by as well to start with:
teachers should always be treated as professionals. They should be addressed as "Mr or Mrs." By doing so your child will learn to respect their teacher as well.
Teachers work on a schedule therefore if you need to meet with the teacher you should schedule a time to meet rather than just showing up at the door. The teacher is responsible for 20 to 30 students on any given school day and therefore can not go by parents time but rather needs to set up a time. In the case that you are unable to or the teacher will not meet on your time do not forget that you can always speak to their supervisor as well.
Teachers are busy individuals as they are required to attend school wide meetings, department meetings, and team meetings. In addition there are IEP meetings, parent conferences, and professional development courses. They need time to research, plan and prepare for the lessons and activities they will be sharing with their students. Teachers take time to assess every student and evaluate their strengths, weaknesses and needs. 
Teachers care for their children. They want every child, including yours, to succeed, exceed their potential and to enjoy school. 
Teachers are human and have a home life and family away from school. Teachers do make mistakes as they are human just like you and I are. 

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