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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Cat Month

September is for all of us. Great food holidays, awesome awareness days for our health and yes even days for our pets. September is happy cat days. So if you are a cat lover and I am be aware of that as well then you will love what I have to share here

Ways to keep your cat happy

1. Take your cat to the vet.
Just like us when our cats our healthy and feel good then they are more likely to be happy as well. Taking the cat to the vet may not be on your list of most favorite chores to do but if you are a cat owner it is one that still needs to be on the list. The vet is the source to go to when our cats simply do not feel well.

2. Give your cat preventive treatments
There is no one including our pets that likes fleas, ticks, mites or heartworms. Even indoor cats can still be attacked by these little creeps. Your vet will be able to prescribe to you the best preventive plan for your cat This will keep not only your cat healthy and happy but your family as well.

3. Provide your cat with toys
Yes like children our cats love toys. The best toys are one that keep them fascinated. You will know what toys will do this as you know your cats personality best

4. Work for Food just Scratches the Surface
Our pets sometimes can become lazy. This is not good for them as they may become overweight leading to health issues. There are products that are available that will keep cats healthy and lean by having them work for their food. A great game is to hide your cats food and have them search for it. Scratching is also something that cats do often. Again there are great products on the market that will provide great times for your cat. From scratching post to toys their scratching fun should be able to be had easily

5. Inside cats can go outside as well. This is easily done. You can walk your cat on leash just like a dog. This allows them to get out and enjoy the outside but keep them safe as well. In the case that they do get lost a microchip that has been installed in the cat by a vet will also keep you and your pet happy by being able to find them again

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