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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

National Nutrition Week

As a mom blogger who loves to cook and bake I share lots of great recipes. That may be why you arrived at our blog to start with. Sometimes I think about what is in our food and other times I go for that comfy effect. This week September 1st to the 7th is national nutrition week which was created to bring awareness to important tips of their health and well being. It is a great week to learn more about the food you eat and how it makes you feel

We learned about the primary food groups in grade school. In fact it was one of my favorite lessons. Guess it was a sign that food would be part of my life. In home-ec later in school we planned proper meals and what went together with enough food groups in a day to create a balanced diet. If you recall the four food groups include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, meats, fish, nuts, seeds and the rest. National Nutrition week wants to help you enhance your personal diet and the one you serve your family. There will be education seminars, different competitions, road shows and other campaigns that take place to help bring awareness. The goal is to achieve a healthier nation.

National Nutrition week was first established by the government in 1982. The goal was to encourage good health and healthy living.

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