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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Emma Nutt Day

Emma nutt was the worlds first female telephone operator. She started working at the Boston Telephone Dispatch company on September 1st 1878 at the age of 18. The first telephone dispatch operators were boys but it was shown that they simply did not have the patience and behavior to do the job. The young men would play pranks and curse and be short on patience so the dispatch company started hiring women operators. Emma would be the first hired and would work the job 30+ years. Her sister would work beside her for a few years as well. Emma would earn the customers approval because of her soothing voice and patience. She had an amazing memory as well, being able to remember every number in the area.

Job Qualifications to be a woman dispatch operator
between the ages of 17 and 26
prim and proper appearance
arms long enough to reach the top of the tall telephone switchboard

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