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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

National guide Dog Month

National Guide dog Month is observed during the month of September. It is a celebration of the work guide dogs in the U.S. do. It helps raise awareness, offers appreciation and support for guide dog schools across the states. National guide Dog Month was established in 2008. Originally as a way to help raise funds that would benefit non-profit guide dog organizations accredited by the International guide Dog Federation. 

Guide dogs go through extensive training that can cost around $42,000 and take up to 2 years. 
The first guide dog school was called The Seeing Eye . It was built in 1929 and was meant to serve the injured veterans of WWI. There are three categories of assistance dogs. (1) guide dogs that help the blind and visually impaired (2) hearing or signal dogs help the deaf or hearing impaired and service dogs trainded to do a variety of jobs. (3) Dogs that help individuals with epilepsy, diabetes, autism, and others with brain trauma and cognitive issues. 

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