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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organization Tip : Keep Your Spices Spicy

To see if your spices are good or need to be threw the above list is a good standard sheet to go by. Simply always remember to check the bottom of the container. McCormick often uses a code rather than an expiration date you can check this code on the website to see if your spices have expired.
If the spices look odd in appearance, if the green herbs like basil and oregano have turned brown, they have likely expired and should be discarded. Powdered spices like paprika and cinnamon which are clumping have most likely been around moisture and may mean that the spices have gone bad.
Smell your spices which is what many of us do anyway while we are mixing and cooking. Shake the spice container, let it settle, open the top and take a whiff. Is it a strong scent? If it is then the spice is at the right stage however as the spice ages the scent becomes less powerful. At that time it is a good sign to get rid of the spice.
Taste is always something one must have when preparing good food. Spices give flavor to food and if your taste test does not provide you with much flavor then it should be replaced or thrown away
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