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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Use Up Wall Space In Bathroom to Aide In Organizing

One room that I feel we never have enough storage room is in our house is the bathroom. With all the towels and lines and beauty products that we need there never seems to be enough room to hold it all.

Love using the wallspace as much as I can. This idea of using baskets on the wall to hold towels and washcloths is a great idea. Out of the way and looks super cute

I love floating shelves on the wall to hole all the little extras that we need. Believe me in this house with 3 girls there is plenty of little extras

To think that my sister had something when we were teens by using her shoe organizer to help her hold her life in line. Each little holder had a reason and a rhyme and the truth is she was on to something. This holds what ever you need to be held and makes so much sense great idea.

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