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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bring The Outside In : Make Snowflakes

When  I was in grade school I can remember one of my favorite teachers starting a craft that I would never forget how to make. Its as simple as it gets because all you need is a pair of scissors and a piece of paper. Start snipping and you know what you get? A snowflake
How many points does your snowflake have?  Real snowflakes have six points.  All of them do!  These snowflakes are also symmetrical.  This means that parts of the snowflake are mirror images of each other.
With all the snow and cold air outside thought it might be cool to bring some of the outside inside. It is super easy to do and using coffee filters the job become very simple. No 2 snowflakes need to be alike they are like people each of us is a bit different.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes
To make this model of a snowflake, you will need:
1)    Several circular coffee filters
2)    Sharp scissors
3)    Dry, flat surface to fold “snowflakes”
Here is what you will need to do:
1)    Flatten and smooth out one coffee filter. It will look like a pizza.
2)    Fold the coffee filter in half, like a taco.
3)    Fold one side of the coffee filter so it “looks like” two equal slices of pizza.  This is exactly one third of the “taco” shape.    AppleMark
4)    Fold the opposite side over the top of the folded side to make a “one slice of pizza” triangle shape.  The edges should line up.
5)    Next, fold the “pizza slice” in half.  Again, be as exact as you can.
6)    Press the folds with your fingers to make the “pizza slice” as flat as possible.
7)    Using sharp scissors, cut about 2.5 cm from the point to the end of the open edge (longer open edge).  You can also cut small triangles and other shapes on this edge once you make the first cut.
8)    Cut the folded side of the “pizza slice” with small triangles, etc.
9)    Carefully unfold the snowflake.
10) Flatten it out and admire your beautiful snowflake art!
Want to check out some other extraordinary snowflakes? Then head over to this link

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