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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Its Cold Out There Be Ready

Its cold out there. Several saying it is the coldest its been in the past 20 years. All I can say is be ready if you have to go out. Dress right be sure to bundle up and be anticipating how cold it could really be.

It is best to get dressed in several layers of light weight loose fitting warm clothing underneath the outer wear. Your outerwear though should be tight and best if it is water repellant

wear mittens which helps protect your hands. In fact gloves that allow you to move your fingers are even better. But mittens help to keep your hands warmer

wear a hat. It has often been said that heat goes right out from our head if we don't wear a hat so keep the lid on your body temperature and keep a hat on your head. I love to wear a scarf as well a scarf helps to protect the open area where a coat does not always catch and the hat does not go down far enough. It covers your mouth and helps protect your lungs

Be careful if you have to go out and if you can stay in do so because I think it is a Hot Chocolate Day

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