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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ballreichs Potato Chips and Snacks Review

New Years eve is just a few nights away. How will you celebrate with your family? Our family normally fixes up some snacks and comes together a few hours before midnight to talk, play games and have fun. As we all know there will have to be some good snacks on hand as well. We will definitely have Ballreichs chips and snacks to help make the night special. Check out some of the great sales currently going on at Ballreich's

We had a wonderful opportunity to check out some of the delicious snacks and chips from Ballreich's. Our taste buds were delighted to say the least. Some of the snacks we were able to try were chocolate covered potato chips. Now if you are a chocolate fan and a chip fan you will find yourself in heaven. These sweetened chips were kept a secret for the teens I do not do this often but let me tell you these were delicious and were only shared between me and my hubby.

Some of the other treats we all got to try were

snacks like pretzels. The pretzels we were sent were the bow tie type and since it was Christmas we dipped some of them in melted chocolate. I must say though they were delicious both plain as they came out of the bag as well as dipped in the chocolate.

We also were treated with an assortment of chips. Ballreichs has chips available in a big grab pack, snack size, party size, family size and a 1 lb size. This provides the amount that suits your need whether just for you and a quick snack or if you will be serving a group of individuals.

Some other treats that are available at Ballreichs that we have yet to try are treats such as licorice, pork rinds and jerky. One of the nicest things that I like about Ballreichs is that they have gift baskets available to surprise someone you know and love

Want to check out Ballreichs for yourself and get a treat yourself or even share one with someone else then you will want to visit their website located at also find them on twitter and facebook

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