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Saturday, December 31, 2011

HotPants review

Many of us are blessed with more abundance than we like. We may have let our selves go a bit, picked up a few pounds when we were expecting mothers or simply be blessed with genes that give us over abundance. Hot Pants is helping women losing weight and seeing results. Testamonies on their Facebook page will help you understans just how great they are.

Cellulite is the factor that affects many women. Unappealing and unattractive cellulite leaves women looking for an answer. Hot Pants is proving to be that answer to many. HotPants have Celu-lite technology imbedded in the pants so that while you are wearing it they help to smooth out those dimples imbedded on ones thighs.

We were recently able to review a pair of the HotPants. My daughter was the reviewer as she is always concerned about her apperance. The HotPants we recieved looked like long board shorts but were thicker in comparison of a normal pair of pants. The thicker material allowed her to work out and get results of more sweat (toxin release) in the area of her bottom and upper legs. The build up of heat because of the thicker material allowed her to "sweat" more of the built up fat off.

Mom Bloggers Club allowed us the opportunity to take part in this review. We recieved a pair of the hotpants for review purposes no other means of compensation were given. I shared my personal thoughts and feelings in this post and was not instructed what to share or write.

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