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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Time Is For Flowers Cupcakes

Summer to me and my mom has long been time for flowers. When I was a young girl I would take my flowers to the county fair and often to the state fair as the county delegate. These are memories that me and my mom share together. As I was looking through the internet I noticed cupcakes made to look like flowers and wanted to share some of these with you

Cupcake Tuesday
I'm topsy turvy tuesdays Sister Stuff


  1. these are beautiful. I like the pink ones that look like a bouquet!

  2. I wish I weren't on a diet cause I want to eat all these! Thanks for stopping by the Lone Tater!

  3. These are fabulous!!! I'm already a follower. Thanks for stopping by Planet Weidknecht!

  4. Those lollipop paper flowers are adorable!


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