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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Packing for College

In less than a month I will have a child leaving to live in the dorms at college The packing process will begin very soon and so I decided to create a list of items that we need to be sure to take:
 quarters are needed for laundry machines, those late night snacks from vending machines, as well as many other things We will be sure to pack a couple of rolls of quarters

Speaking of laundry, yes he will be doing his own laundry so he will need his own detergent. Since I will be visiting possibly 2 times a month to take him to eat and visit I have started to save coupons to help him with this little debt. He also has a linen bag for laundry and I am hoping this does not end up being full each time I visit LOL
 Now while my son is not one that uses a lot of shower products my daughters did and took along a shower caddy. With my son we packed his soaps, shampoo, towels and rags and that was all he needed in this department
While there is a couple of nurses stations on campus I will pack a few first aid supplies to send with him. Band-aids, neosporin as well as simple items like creams for bug bites etc... The campus he will be on is surrounded by trees and thus there will be bugs, poisin ivy etc...

We have decided to take only 8 sets of clothes for him because he will be sharing a room, he can wash whatever is needed and I will visit often so there is not a need to take tons of items. The one thing not to forget in this department are the hangers

While a lot of dishes are not needed I will be packing him a plate, cup, bowl and silverware because of late night snacks, pizza night, as well as any other snack that may come up. He has also said he may eat in his room at times and this would be great for that.

In hopes that this does not happen I will be sending with him a few trashbags a trash can, clorox wipes and other items

so now the list is partialy made and the work to getting it together needs to begin.

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  1. My daughter is going into her junior year...and the packing seems to get a little easier each year. Although, this year she will be in an apartment on campus and needs stuff for the kitchen.

  2. Last year, our son lived in the dorm and found out that the college washers and dryers didn't use quarters. He had to add money to a "prepaid card" in order to do his laundry. You might check with the housing department at your son's college to make sure which method they use.


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