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Monday, February 7, 2011

I love my small old fashioned supermarket

Smiling Sally This post is a look into my life with a bit of splashes of blue mixed in I hope that you enjoy it as much as I liked putting it together

I thought I would share with you all about one of my favorite places to shop. This little market has been around for what seems for ever to me and is still thriving. While the new stores are along the highways this little shop stayed right where it was from it origin right in the heart of the neighborhood of those that need it.
The wonderful meat at this little shop is wonderful as well fresh and suprisingly the prices are very competitive as well. Want some delicious meat and great service then this little shop is the place to go where I live

The ladies of the meat counter very friendly and worthy of great advice and if you are stumped without ideas of what to fix then they will even help you with that as well.
Don't have time to cook then stop by before the weekend and order up some weekend grilling as sandwiches, ribs and chickens will all be offered
Not a lot of cashiers at this small shop but then there are naot a lot that are needed. This sweet lady (I know she looks a bit not so happy but get to know her and she is as sweet as they come) is the only cashier needed if she steps out then the owner (my friend) or one of the other girls will take care of you.

well I enjoyed sharing this with you today a look into my life and where I shop


  1. I like small, friendly stores. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Annie.

  2. I wish we had an old fashioned supermarket in our town.
    Your pictures broought back a lot of memories of shopping with my mama when I was a little girl.


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