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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grateful for a Bright Future

Today is my daughters 20th birthday 20 years ago around 9:00 p.m I was headed into surgery. She was not meant to be here yet but decided to come a bit early. She has always been that way always a little bit ahead of her time. That is part of what I am thankful for both my daughter but also her grace that she has.

Another note of thankfulness is that my grandson may be born as early as Thursday He is all ready 9+ lbs. and the doctor thinks mama is ready and the wee one is ready to be introduced to the earth. Oh how thankful I am that there will be a new member of the family born rather soon. I am also thankful that I can rest assured that my grandchildren will be raised by loving parents in a Christian family.

These two one born 20 years ago and the other to be born very soon helps me to be thankful that my future looks very promising

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