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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Spring Coming Soon???

On my Walk home from work tonight I enjoyed the quiteness of it all and took in the warmth of what may be the first of the days of early spring. Yes I do realize it is the middle of February but it is very nice outside and it seems as if the groundhog may be right and spring may appear early soon. The seasons normally find me making small changes in my house but ones that leave an impact and allows us to enjoy the season changes. Here are a few tips that you may want to try
  • as fall approaches and cold weather is not far behind a great idea is to place warm fluffy cozy throws that are perfect for cuddling in reach. As it begins to warm up and spring approaches replace the throws with softer cotten throws
  • Floral arrangements are easy way to decorate a home and show the season through them Here are some ideas of seasonal changes in floral design

one of my favorites for spring these flowers always mean spring to me and the blue looks beautiful as well

lovely for warmer months

  • In the colder months dark colors look great in the decor but as the weather warms up floral prints or plaid pillow covers can easily help freshen up the house after a long cold spell Some great looks for spring may include

I love the alure of the birds it just makes you think of spring or at least it does me

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