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Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu plan for January 3 - 9th

Menu planning and trying new recipes are both things that I believe help make my home run so smoothly. I love to try new recipes sometimes my family loves them and sometimes they do not turn out like I thought they would. Meal planning helps me to keep my day organized by knowing what it is that I will prepare for supper. So for this week of Homemaker Mondays at 11th Heavens' Homemaker Haven I thought I would share a menu plan where I will be trying some new recipes Never know you may want to try them as well 
we had ham for new years day and we have leftovers still We will finish the leftovers off tonight by serving ham and eggs breakfast for supper. This will be served long side toast and probably some flavored apple sauce

Stuffed Pasta Shells using the recipe from Today's Recipe .com My mom used to fix large stuffed pasta shells and I am so in the mood for a taste of the past I will fix a salad, garlic bread and a dessert of fruit with this supper


This is our first night to regular children bible studies after the Winter break so tonight will  be fairly fast paced. I make tuna mac up out of my mind since I have been making it for over 20 years but if you are looking for a good recipe check out this one from Dans Good Grub I will serve this along side a salad and a quick dessert probably pudding or fruit

I am fairly new to stir frys and the last one went over wonderful This week while deciding what we would have to eat I came across this Ground Beef Stifry from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures It sounds delicious. I will serve rolls along side with a pudding or jello salad for dessert

I like to serve a family friendly meal on Friday nights and how much family friendly can you get than a meat and potato meal? This one is new on me as well but it looks delicious and sounds super easy to make This steak and potato hash recipe I found on A Glug of Oil Rolls or biscuits will be served long side this recipe and a delicious cake or pie will be whipped up as well

fish and chips with a homemade tarter sauce will be the delight of Saturday night This should please the family and since it is simple will make for time for a lovely conversation. Since my teens are all older we never know who will be there and who will be gone so Saturday night is a night where we share about our week This simple meal will be paired with some homemade cookies

Sunday is a day for rest and a day that we attend church so this meal is normally cooked in the crockpot with most of it being prepared the night before. Simply plugging in the cord makes it taste much better. because it is so simple.

what will you be having on your menu plan this week?

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