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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aurora Gift Review

One thing that I think I will never grow out of and that my grandbabies share with me is my love of plush animals and toys. They are so playful and cute and Aurora is among the top suppliers of the plush toys and gifts.  Aurora the lead supplier of affordable, high quality gift products was established in 1981. Since that time the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents industry. Aurora offers everything in a gift that a giver is looking for great prices many under $20, high quality, and large variety of products for a range of children and adults who represent nearly every walk of life. Aurora also is active in international manufacturing, R&D and distribution resources are hallmarks of Aurora's success.  Aurora products are sold at a variety of retailers including zoos, department stores, high end toy stores, top gift chains as well as hospital gift shops, florist, and candy stores

We were happy to receive a variety of plush toys from Aurora. Among the items we received were:

Dreamy Eyes
I just love these little guys their super cute expressions, big eyes and appealing cuddle material that just melts in your hands. Just feel the super cute plush toy and you won't want to put it down. There are a variety of characters including the tiger, pony, pig, cow, lion, elephant, monkey, giraffe, cat, pug, chihuahua, frog and lamb. I personally love this collection and feel like they would be super cute to decorate a baby room with. Just remember for safety sakes never place them in the crib of a sleeping baby. The manufactures suggested retail price of characters in this collection are $12.99 and are recommended for children 2 years and up. You can find more about this great collection of characters at at 

retro yoohoo & friends

One of Aurora’s international famous characters are the YooHoo & Friends™ The new collection of the retro yoohoo & friends will please both kids and collectors alike. The characters are ubber hip and dressed in 60s, 70s, and 80s retro clothing styles. The retro collection was fashioned with some of the famous pop culture icons of those decades (think Elvis, Madonna, Travolta from Saturday Night Fever etc.) There are a couple of different sizes of characters. The five inch "retro" yoohoo & friends are available in seven styles including 70s Love, Punk Rocker, Pop Singer, Vegas, Flash Dancer, British Rocker and Disco Dancer. I can just imagine giving these to a friend my age and how the memories would fly back or gifting them to a child in my life and introducing them to some of the past greatest music. A slightly larger 8 inch version is also available and these characters include punk rocker, 70s love, flash dancer and pop singer. All of the Retro YooHoo & Friends characters squeal with the same characteristic sound The suggested price on these plush toys range from $8.99 to $14.99. Interested in learning more about the super cute yoohoo friends then check out the website at  There children and their parents will learn all about the YooHoo & Friends natural habitats, play games, download desktop backgrounds and coloring sheets, raise an online version of YooHoo & Friends characters The suggested age of this plush assortment of toys is 5 years old to tweens and can be found at
fancy pals

This next style of toy that we received were not only precious for Christmas but I think are perfect for Valentines day. All decked out in hearts and flowers several of the fancy pals say just what a valentine should. Fancy Pals are among the top sellers for Aurora and to me this would be from how very cute the product is. Fancy Pals are composed of a purse and a plush animal in one. Aurora are the creators of the original pet carriers. Have fun interchanging the adorable animals, mixing and trading the animals to the carriers. Carriers vary from six to eight inches in size and are at a suggested price of $12. Find these adorable gifts at

The cute little monkeys just seem to be hanging around Aurora for a bit just adding personality, lovable smiles and of course their banana in the tail. The pair of Cheeky Charlie and Carmen are hot commodities that everyone is falling in love with. Why not they are super adorable and I believe are perfect of any little boy or girl. I could personally see them decorating a little boys room or possibly hang around a jungle theme. These characters are at a suggested price at $17 and are recommended for children 3 years of age and up. You can find them at  or on Facebook at  Shop Aurora online at

Aurora Plush Fancy Pals Pet Carrier Princess KittenAurora Plush Fancy Pals Pet Carrier Princess Kitten

Aurora Plush 8" Yoohoo Pammee Pop SingerAurora Plush 8" Yoohoo Pammee Pop Singer

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