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Saturday, September 5, 2009

We just received one of the sweetest, most cutest, specialist product for our little Princess. Oh they are super cute and oh so special for the littlest one to wear. Now I know that I am getting your curiosity up just a bit. Want to see what we received from a wonderful boutique known as Get Dolled up Boutique?

We received the Bloomers/Fancy Pants with my baby Princess initials and name from the Get Dolled Up Boutique. Now she looks super cute crawling across the floor with the super cute fancy pants. I was suprised and delighted to see that the Fancy Pants created by Get Dolled Up were good in construction as well. The gathers where the little legs go in are constructed to not be too tight while hold in the correct position. The Get Dolled Up fancy pants would be the perfect gift for your child, a birthday gift or even a wonderful baby shower gift. Take your pick they are sure to be a hit.

Get Dolled up sells lots of wonderful products that delight both the parent and the child it is intended for. Items such as the little monogrammed apron which I adore as well. The wonderful little apron would allow the child who loves to help in the kitchen to feel like part of the kitchen as well with their personalized apron. This would make a terrific gift fo the one you adore just in time to help with holiday meals that are just right around the corner.

The mind and heart behind the Get Dolled Up products is a stay at home mom who loves to dress her little one up in fancy frills. The only problem is it was hard to find products that she wanted. SO she decided to create her own wonderful products for her little one and offer them for sale. From hair bow to personalized clothes Katie Ray was not only pleased with her products but also received lots of compliments. Now she wants her customers to hear the same sort of comments when their child is spotted in the adorable products from Get Dolled Up collection.
Purchase the perfect products that are personalized for the ones you love from the Get Dolled Up boutique.

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  1. OMGosh what cute cute CUTE stuffs...i am off to visit the site


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