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Monday, August 31, 2009

This is the giveaway I want to win

One thing that I have entered giveaways on several times but yet have to win is for the many temporal thermometers. Now the blog Rundpinne is hosting contest for a wonderful temple touch thermometer from Reli'on. Wow!!!!!! The features this one has are great:
  • non invasive how wonderful when it comes to Princess who like my children loves to sleep when she is sick. It seems as if they sleep to avoid pain and sickness
  • accurate with read out in 6 seconds how wonderful when you call the doctors office and they ask what and if the child is running a fever
  • memory recall for those times where the fever goes on for a while and you want to be able to know if the fever has increased or decreased
  • wow here is a surprise battery included how many things do we buy and battery is required?

If you want to enter for chance to win this wonderful thermometer as well head over to Rundpinne before September 4, 2009

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