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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have fond memories of growing up and playing out doors allot. We had bikes, and ride on toys but the best thing that I had that many others did not was a paved driveway and a concrete patio. We could ride for hours and hours with no end in site. I think this is why I am always looking for the perfect toys for my children. When I first saw the PlasmaCar I knew instantly that it was a toy that we had to have. The PlasmaCar is totally fun for the young and the older children.
The Plasma car is built to last. Do you remember as a child having a ride on toy that would break easily? You will not find that problem with the PlasmaCar. The PlasmaCar is not made up of material that will rust or be destroyed easily. It is created using high quality plastics which ensures that the PlasmaCar is rugged and durable. On first look you may wonder exactly how the PlasmaCar is to work, upon closer inspection you will find that the PlasmaCar is very easy to use and does not take alot of practice but needed play is all that is required. Simple in construction the PlasmaCar has no pedals, gears or batteries. All that is required to make the PlasmaCar move is the child's own energy and a flat surface. While the car is recommended for children between ages of 3 and 12 parents that are under the weight of 220 lbs can have fun riding the PlasmaCar as well.
We are having allot of fun with our PlasmaCar. If you want to have as much fun as we are get your family a PlasmaCar you can find a retailer near you by following this link

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