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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lots To Learn

I want to tell you all about a wonderful educational tool out there for the little ones. I know that many of you think that T.V. is bad for the little ones and I agree with you. But when the T.V. is used to play wonderful educational tools then it becomes a wonderful resource to the preschool parent who desires to introduce their child to all the world has to offer. The Lots To Learn program is one of the best resources out there for preschool children. Children will "stretch like a rainbow", count houses in Spanish, sing "fish, fish, fish, fish," and dance along with skeletons. The best part is through all the fun these DVD's have the secret is they are learning hands on through actions they are performing. The Lots to Learn DVD series was created with children ages 2 to 5 in mind. These wonderful DVD's offer preschoolers and their parents a way to have fun together while the child learns wonderful educational lessons.

We received the Lots To Learn DVD Buster's Favorite Animals. This wonderful fun DVD offered great music, wonderful fun and all four of our little ones enjoyed listening, dancing and playing along. We watched little green frogs, learned how to count in Spanish, Sang about an old friend and his little monkeys, and learned so many fun things that I believe the Lots To Learn DVD will not only capture your child's attention but hold it long enough to learn a bit.
Other wonderful DVD's in this series include:
  • nature
  • In My House
  • Buster Loves Music
  • Head To Toe with Buster

You can purchase any or all of these wonderful Lots To Learn DVD's on their website located at

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