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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday July 28, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday a place to share what ever is on our minds.

First a serious bit of business. I would love to know if you have ever donated blood through a red cross blood drive. I have never been able to do this because of health reasons primarily being anemic. Three of my children donate every chance they can though. For these 3 children I am super proud of. It is a very scary thing but bravely they undertake the assignment thinking of it as a privilege to give. For all of you who have donated I salute you.

Now on to some other brighter business. This week is bible school week and I am loving it. I love to talk to the kids and so far in my craft room I have had kindergarten and first grade tomorrow will come second grade and at the end we will have the older kids. We are making cards to salute those who protect us and let me tell you these are turning out quit well. There is truly some artistic children. One of them drew a monster truck, others skateboarders and even one snowboarding down a hill jumping over fire. Super cool imagination and all.

Well granddaughter princess cutting another tooth. This makes 5 and she is only 11 months old. Yeah for her. She is eating bigger food now. My daughter took all baby food that was not used to the food pantry where mothers who can not afford it can get it. I think this was great of her but then she is always doing things like that.

Princess has growing so fast hard to keep her in clothes. I am looking for 18 month clothes now. I believe that she is taking after her 6 foot 11 inches dad. She is going to be big that is for sure.

Those are my random thoughts what are yours? Share them at the blog The Un Mom


  1. My little bit (6 months) is cutting her third tooth. Despite Orajel and some Tylenol, I'm still not getting any sleep. :( Hope your granddaughter is having an easier time of it! My RTT

  2. 6'11'!! Yup, thems some big shoes to follow in.

    My son wears an amber teething necklace. It took the edge off for him, especially during the day. He doesn't really need it now, but I'm afraid to take it off in case his 2 yr molars come in.


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