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Monday, July 27, 2009

Make Something Monday

This week is bible school week at our church. I always volunteer for whatever is needed but when it did not come early and I waited and waited I was thinking cool I am just helping in the kitchen or something simple. Instead I am a craft leader. Yeah love it. This year the theme is GO and we are doing mission projects.
We are making trail mix for the police fire and emts that all work up town

our simple recipe is
chocolate chips

super easy kids spoon into the bags after decorating them it is super cool. Yeah for all of us that get to be involved. I have pictures and will post more next week

to see what others are doing visit the blog Go Graham go


  1. Oh, you should like this up to Monday Munchies at the Krazy Kitchen! ...

    I look forward to your Color Carnival submission too :-)

  2. You sound like a wonderful mom. What you are doing with children at church is a blessing to each of them. Good job! I am glad you visited my post today.

  3. I LOVE trail mix! That's great that you are giving back to the community!


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