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Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday


The Weather In My Neck of THe Woods: It has still be very unseasonably cool

One of my Simple Pleasures: is taking time blogging

On my bedside table: is a book by Joyce Myers, journey, and sundschool projects

On my T.V.: evening news

On the menu for tonight: we had porkchops and mac n cheese

On my To Do List: bible school and house chores

New Recipe I tried last week: Strawberry pudding

In the craft basket: activities for both bible school and sunday school

Looking forward to: another great day at bible school

Homemaking tip for the week: great way to clean coffee pot, maker and thermos

Favorite blog post of the week: Spiritual Sunday post that i posted

Lesson learned this week: go with the flow and don't let the flow take you away

On my prayer list is the son of a fellow blogger, a dear friend who is still in the hospital, and my first land lord as he suffers with cancer

want to join in? Head over to the blog Diary of a Stay At Home Mom


  1. I like your lesson learned :)

    Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. I enjoyed your Spirtual Sunday post also. My children always enjoyed VBS and it is nice of you to think of the police and fire department.


  3. I guess your cool weather is caused by the "Global Warming". lol Wish we had some cool weather. Enjoyed your HM.

  4. annie thnx for stopping by on happy homemaker monday- I am so jealous- you have bible school all week- we are still in limbo looking for the right church home (moved here in Feb) and I really miss out on being a part of that family--enjoy the rest of your week


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